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  Date Posted: 23 March 2016

Ever played a role-playing game and felt something missing? What about getting fed up at making the noises yourself? Well, let’s step up your game (see what I did there).

  Date Posted: 26 February 2016

Hey, Cassie here, the tallest in the Vault crew (Dylan would attest otherwise, but it’s definitely me). I also have the best pet and am the best at sports. But I am getting carried away…its not about being the best at every thing, or coming first…or is it

  Date Posted: 3 February 2016

We are now well underway into 2016, but before I get too carried away with deciding what games to play this year. I thought I should reflect on my top games from 2015.

  Date Posted: 19 January 2016

Welcome to 2016! We made it here. So now it’s my turn to look back on 2015 and let you know what I think you should be playing this coming year.

  Date Posted: 15 January 2016

Last year was quite an explosive one for tabletop games across the world. We saw the arrival of great games, the widespread use of crowdfunding to bring great ideas to the world and big companies flexing their financial muscles.

  Date Posted: 13 January 2016

Can we top 2015? We will find out. I enjoyed many of the games released last year, as well as getting into a couple from recent years.

  Date Posted: 18 November 2015

Christmas is coming close and it’s that time again - presents! But what about those friends that you want to get into board games? Or those friends that are looking to join in the fun but don’t know where to begin? Well we’re here to give a quick list of

  Date Posted: 4 November 2015

We have all been there: we make a sudden move and we tip a glass of water on top of your cards or game board. Cards ruined. Cardboard swollen. Tears.

  Date Posted: 17 May 2015

Recently, the Vault crew headed down the coast to bring our library of games to Supanova on the Gold Coast. While those who travel to the coast from Brisbane usually like to catch some rays and take a dip in the ocean, we went straight into gaming.

  Date Posted: 15 April 2015

What fun we had on Tabletop Day this year! Co-hosted by and held at The Escape Hunt Experience, West End, Brisbane, we had hundreds of games and tons of players to enjoy them!

  Date Posted: 6 January 2015

Now that 2014 is over and we continue rolling on into 2015 (see what I did there), let's take the time to look over what the Vault crew obsessed over last year.

  Date Posted: 17 December 2014

Ah Supanova, the giant pit of geeky awesomeness that crowds of all types descend into for a whole weekend of fun, wonder, and a little bit of mayhem.

  Date Posted: 21 November 2014

On Sunday, 9th November, we launched our new site! For this momentous occasion, we thought what better way to celebrate than to throw a big party!

  Date Posted: 8 November 2014

We are celebrating the launch of the brand new Vault Games online store! We promise an exciting day full of gaming, special events and giveaways!

We know. It’s frustrating that you can’t game all the time. We have the same problem. But luckily enough, we’ve found a way to fit more gaming into our week. Lunch breaks.


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