Best your Foes! 3 Hot Tips to take down Tokyo

Author: Cassie Varian   Date Posted:24 May 2018 

Are you feeling lucky? King of Tokyo has a lot of dice rolling but a bit of strategy in this game can get you far. With some of these tips, you’ll take your game to monster heights!

Hop into Tokyo early, but get out as soon as you get hit - you’ll get some easy VPs and put the pressure on others to get into Tokyo. While you’re there: gauge your players. When you’re in Tokyo, are they hitting you? (Or are they actively trying to hit you?) If not and they’re trying to avoid getting into Tokyo, then see if you can stay in there until it comes back around to your turn, then hit everyone to the best of your dice-rolling ability! You’ll knock down all your opponent’s Life Points and get some bonus Victory Points as well.

If you’re in Tokyo and you’re hit below 5 LP, time to get out of there! Even if its a turn before yours, it’s better to be in the game, than out of it. Try and get power cards that work for you! Take opportunities as they come, you can’t really plan too far ahead in this game. Power cards that give you re-rolls or an extra dice are excellent.  Also, if power cards have been sitting there for a while and no-one has bought anything, time to wipe! Make sure you have enough energy cubes left over so you can get something nice. You may be giving other people an opportunity to get good cards, but you’re going to get first pick.

Play the long game. Unless everyone is going gungho with their attacks, most people are going to try and stack up the VPs so they can be the first to 20. By keeping an eye on your life points, playing power cards to your advantage, and making good choices when it comes to hopping in and out of Tokyo, you’ll be able to stomp your path to victory!