Nom on Bamboo like the Best of Them: Cassie's Top Tips for Takenoko

Author: Cassie Varian   Date Posted:20 June 2018 

Takenoko, while fairly luck-based, does offer multiple strategy options for you to outgrow your competitors. Let’s have a look at the ways to get you points: the objective cards.

The Panda
Panda cards force you to nom your way to victory! I have seen some players only take panda cards as a strategy - it can pay off if no one else is going for the panda objectives, but your luck may run out if you stick to this black and white style of play.

The Plots
Plot objectives on their own will take you a looonng time to pay off. If you only focus on these objectives, you’ll be stuck watching grass grow - or in this case, watching everyone else grow bamboo.

The Farmer
You have to get this guy moving across the board to make the most out of him. Getting those double moves on a dice can prove a winning solution! Best to keep that pesky panda away if you want the big points, however.

One of the best strategies is to have a balance of all three objectives types. If you are dealt cards that work together, you'll have a winning chance, but you can still influence the board state to your advantage.

Towards the beginning of game, set-up some terrain according to your cards. Eat a bit for your panda. Draw some plots and gardener objectives. These objectives will model how you want the map to look. In the middle part of the game, eat a bit more for your panda, and use the gardener to grow in adjacent similar colored tiles. Irrigate when you’re able.

At the end of the game, rake in the points for plots and gardeners as much as possible. This way you should be looking at 1 or 2 objectives a turn for the last three turns of the game! All those objectives you drew at the beginning will pay off big time, and you’ll be lapping up the emperor's praise in no time at all.