Where Stories are Made: 3 Reasons Legacy Games Kick Ass

Author: Dylan Shearer   Date Posted:6 July 2018 

If you’re ready to dive into some long-term gaming with some of the best storytelling to hit the table, you can’t go past a good Legacy game. This mechanic turns your board games into campaign and some of the best stories you can make, are made in games like these. Just like the time in Charterstone when Cassie You thought I would spoil this for you? Ha. That’s not gonna happen. But trust me, it’s a good story. Cassie wasn’t happy when it happened but boy-howdy, it threw her game of Charterstone out a bit. Anyway, I digress. Let’s dive into why Legacy games are the best games!

Your decisions have long-term consequences

Unlike most tabletop games, where every time you open the box, the world is reset, in a legacy game, every choice has the potential to change the game, for better or worse. In Charterstone, you cover up resource spaces, in Pandemic: Legacy, you remove whole cities from the map. The next time you pull out your legacy game, your experience will be different to the last. Which brings me to the next point...

Not every game is the same

Every time you open that box, the game will be different, and not just for you. Everyone’s game will be different. The matrix of decisions becomes so convoluted by the time you finish a Legacy game, that your gameplay is likely to be vastly different to most players. This gives you ownership of not just the game, but of your experience as well.

It creates a long-term social engagement

What’s better than playing games? Playing games with friends, and legacy games lend themselves to a regular gaming night. Similar to long-running role-playing game campaigns, legacy games get everyone invested for a long period of time. Legacy games may not be very replayable (in some games, you tear up cards and scratch pieces off the board) but the stories you create through your shared experience with your friends will be unforgettable.

If your interested in getting into legacy format games, we wholeheartedly recommend playing Charterstone and Pandemic: Legacy. Also, the brand new expansion for Scythe, Rise of Fenris, as well as the Legacy edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill are both available for preorder right now!