Supporting Vault Games through this time

During this uncertain time, not only Vault Games, but the entire world of Retail has suffered a massive blow. Here at Vault Games, we have less people in the store, and, with the closure of the play space, it's harder for get people in front of the games we need to sell to survive.

But, while its possible that Vault Games could be stuck in this situation for some time, the outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming. So many of you clearly love what we do here, and we have been hit with question after question of what you can do to keep the store running, that we thought it best to put everything into a single page so you can easily see how you can support the store through this time of global pandemic.

Just keep buying games

We're still open online and in-store for general purchasing and, short of a full courier shutdown, we can still get stock and deliver your games. Just continuing to buy your regular hobby stuff from us will keep the wheels turning. 

We're also working to get more and more of our in-store only inventory online (particularly the Games Workshop items) so that there is more capability for you to find what you're looking for on the online store.

We're still also manning our customer support system so, if you can't find what you're looking for online, let us know and we'll help you out.

Join us on Twitch

Join us on Twitch

During the play space shut down, we're going to be streaming a lot on our Twitch channel. The schedule is still being worked out (and we should have a preliminary schedule together soon) but rest assured, we're going to stay engaged with you throughout this period on Twitch. So make sure you follow.

And, if you want to support the store's content, you can subscribe to the Twitch Channel as well, and gain access to some sub-only emotes and an exclusive Discord server where you can connect with the other members of the Vault Games community.

Throw us a tip

With the streaming spinning up, we've also opened up a Tip Jar where you can throw a few bucks to help keep everything running. Please don't feel required to do this, particularly if you are experiencing a slow down in work yourself. If you tip while we're streaming, your tip will show up on stream as well :)

Gift Cards

If you feel you must absolutely support us through this period and none of the above options work for you, you can purchase a gift card or two. Keep in mind that this option is more kicking the issue down the road to a later time than helping right now as we'll still have to deal with the fallout of everyone cashing in their gift cards at once. There's a chance we will have to stagger your redemption of these gift cards so we're not overwhelmed.

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