Vault Games COVID-19 Update - 01 July 2020

Well, it's been a wild ride over the last few months. But with QLD getting down to to two active cases (at the time of writing this), some great news has been given to us.

Back to normal...kinda

From Noon on Friday 3 July, businesses under 200m2 will be able to have one person per 2m2 instead of one person per 4m2, up to 50. This means the store is essentially back to full operation for events, though you will still need to fill out the COVID Safe Details form when entering to play, as well as rethinking your visit if you are unwell.

Update to Store Hours

Our hours will update to the following:

Monday - 10am - 10pm
Tuesday - 10am - 10pm
Wednesday - 10am - 10pm
Thursday - 10am - 10pm
Friday - 10am - 10pm
Saturday - 10am - 10pm
Sunday - 10am - 2pm

This means that a few events are kicking off or spinning back up...

MONDAY NIGHT FLESH & BLOOD - Josh and Trent have been hard at work developing a great community for this new Trading-Card Game from across the ditch. Now we'll be running either a Draft or Constructed event every Monday night so make sure you've joined our Flesh & Blood @ Vault Games Facebook Group.

SATURDAY SOCIAL GAMING - Saturday Social Gaming is back for Saturdays. We'll be working on bringing back other Saturday night events like Board Games & Burgers and Tabletop Tournaments, but for now, you can come on in on a Saturday night and find some people to play games with :)

TUESDAY NIGHT COMMANDER - Tuesday Night Commander has been a hard beast to handle, particularly as the 20-person limit meant that the event was booking up within half an hour of opening. Well, from the next Commander night, we'll be back to a full 40-person contingent. Still, make sure you get your bookings in early or you've signed up for our Mythic Commander Subscription (click here) to make sure you don't miss out on a spot.

FRIDAY NIGHT DRAFT - Friday Night Magic is opening back up to 4 pods of 8 as a maximum (32 players) so, like Commander Tuesdays, make sure you book in early on a Friday morning or sign up to our Mythic Draft Susbcription (click here) to make sure you don't miss out on a spot.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT RPG SOCIETY - RPG Nights capacity will double from 8 July but you will still need to book a table (click here). We will be revisting the table booking fees over the next few weeks but until further notice, it will still be $10 for a single table or $15 for a double table configuration. 

THURSDAY NIGHT BLOOD BOWL - No changes to this event. Please make sure you are booking your tables ahead of time (click here).

We're still keeping things clean

As you should expect, we will be maintianing our hourly store cleaning procedure as part of our COVID-Safe plan to make sure you safe, as well as maintaining a limit to how many people can sit at a table.

There's big things coming for the store over the next few months. We can't wait to share these next steps on our journey as a business and as a community as we move into the back half of the year. Don't forget that we are still streaming over on our Twitch channel at

Stay Safe,

Wash your hands.