Phoenix Lapis Lazuli - Semi Precious Stone RPG Dice Set


Phoenix Lapis Lazuli Semi-Precious Stone Dice Set contains:

  • 4-sided die (d4)
  • 6-sided die (d6)
  • 8-sided die (d8)
  • 10-sided die (d10)
  • 12-sided die (d12)
  • 20-sided die (d20)
  • Percentile 10-sided die (d10 showing 00/10/20/30 etc)
  • 1x Pendant


Phoenix Lapis Lazuli is a man-made stone (like Opalite) and has no natural world counterpart. Originally believed to have been designed after a stone worker saw a combination of Lapis and Turquoise paired together in a piece of jewelry. Lab grown, this stone is stunning to look at and has that wonderful stone feel.

All of Level Up's semi-precious stones are hand crafted from the actual gemstone, so each dice will be as nature created the stone and be truly unique

It is recommended you do not roll your semi-precious stone dice on a surface harder than they (i.e. glass table) and suggest you roll them on a dice tray to prevent chipping your dice.

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