Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have "this game" in stock?

Maybe. Have a go at using the search bar at the top of the page. Our in store inventory is linked to our online inventory so whatever it says on here, is likely to be true. If there's a low quantity count, feel free to contact us to be sure.

Do you have a physical store?

We sure do :) You can find us at LG 123 Charlotte St in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.

When is the store open?

We're open 10am - Late (between 9.30pm - 10.30pm) Monday - Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sundays.

These hours change a little during public holidays and special events so keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for any temporary changes to these hours.

I'm out the front of 123 Charlotte St but the stairs only go up! How do I get in?

Are you facing the building? Good. See those windows at the footpath level? Take a look. Are there a bunch of orange chairs and black tables with board games along one wall? No? Ok... ah... check google maps again. You might be in Romania. If you do see the chairs and games, that's us.

The entrance to the store is out the back so go down the driveway to your right. You'll find our entrance is there. If the roller door is shut, tap on the window like it's a fish tank. Don't worry, we won't startle too much. If the lights are off AND the roller door is down, we're closed. No one will come to let you in, regardless of how much you tap on the windows.

What events does Vault Games do?
To see our regular list of events, check out our events page.

For a complete list of every event we're doing, check the events tab on our Facebook Page.

What do the order buttons mean?

The product is currently available for preorder but is not yet released.

The product is in stock at our store and will ship out with 48 hours. From there, it's 2-6 business days until it arrives at your door.

The product is not in stock at our store but is in stock with our supplier. We'll get your item in the next order from our supplier and get it out to you in the next 2-3 weeks.

The product is not in stock at our store and isn't in stock at any of our suppliers and none of us know when we can get it in for you. This could be because the publisher has run out of stock and is in the middle of a reprint, the supplier is waiting for more orders before reordering a product, or it just flat out isn't available anymore. If you order a backorder product, we'll communicate with you to make sure you are as updated as we are as to the product's status.

What are the shipping prices?
Vault Games only ships within Australia. Our prices are:

$12 for games up to 3kg
$14 for orders between 3kg and 5kg
$17for orders above 5kg and bulky items (like the F.A.T. Mats)

If your order is over $120, you can get your shipping for FREE, unless you live in WA, in that case shipping is a flat rate of $6. Our shipping generally takes 2-3 business days to arrive to customers in Metro areas on the East Coast.

I want to sell my magic cards. How can I do that?
We don't buy trades at the moment sorry. We do currently have a commission sales system in place though and, if this interests you, drop by with your collection and we'll have a chat.

How do I return an order?
You can return a faulty product at any time to LG 123 Charlotte St, Brisbane QLD 4000.

If you change your mind, you can return that too, provided the product is unopened and in the same condition as we sent it to you.

For more information, check our Refund/Returns Policy page.

I don't have an account, can I still buy something?
Sure. You can check out as a guest and you have the option of creating an account afterwards.

We do suggest you create an account though because then you can see your entire order history with us, even when you buy from us at an event, thus making it easier to track any returns and questions you may have for our customer service team.

When I check out, PayPal pops up. Why?
This is our Paypal Express check out. If you already have a Paypal account, it will automatically fill out your billing and shipping addresses for you.

I have a discount/gift code. Where do I enter it?
You can find the Discount Code field on the shopping cart page once you've added a few things to your cart.

I lost my discount code/gift card code. Can you resend it?
General discount codes are given to gaming clubs to pass onto their members so please ask your fellow club members, your club leadership or one of the members of the Vault Crew at your next meeting. If you've been given a discount code for another reason, sure. Just contact us via our contact page and we can send it again, provided it hasn't already been used.

With gift cards, that depends on how you got it. If you received your gift card via email, or there was a customer account associated with the Gift Card purchase, we can resend you that gift card. If you got a physical gift card that hasn't been assigned to your email address, then no sorry. Our system is so secure that not even we can see your gift card numbers.