We love gaming so much here at Vault that there is something running every day here. Check out each of the events below and, if you want to see what date an event is running, check out our Facebook Page.

Want to know what games we have available? Check out our event library.

In-Store Events

Magic: The Gathering - Commander/EDH (Tuesday Nights)

Commander is on at Vault Games! Every Tuesday night from 6:30pm, grab a chair and prepare for an epic brawl against your fellow commanders to the last planeswalker standing.

Cost is $6 per player and each entry adds a booster pack to a table's prize pool, with prizes going to the top half of each table.

Tables are limited to 4 players each and will be balanced out at the start of the night.

RPG Society (Wednesday Nights)

Want to get into Role-Playing Games? Willing to save the king's family from the evil dragon Thraxis or see the Galactic Empire fall to a group of rebels? Willing to be involved, or run a regular campaign?

Come along to the Vault Games store on Charlotte St and join in one of the many available RPGs from 6pm until close.

Are you a GM who wants to run a game in-store? Any GM who runs a game to general store patrons will score a free drink as a token of thanks from the Vault crew.

Friday Night Magic (Wednesdays... jokes... it's on Friday Nights)

Friday Night Magic is here at Vault Games! Come by for a 6.30pm start to draft the latest Magic: The Gathering release in Brisbane's best place for casual magic, complete with drinks, snacks, and barista-made coffee.

Event cost is $19 and each round win scores a booster pack as a prize.

Registration opens from 4pm.

Social Tabletop Saturdays

Looking for somewhere to play? Come along to Vault Games every Saturday from open at 10am and game until you can't game anymore.

Our library of over 100 games is available to play in-store, completely free and the Vault crew will be on hand to teach as well. So make sure you're there to enjoy some good gaming and great coffee.

Miniature Madness (Sundays)

Want to learn how to play some miniature war games? Interested in a how-to-paint workshop? Looking for a place for some casual games? Miniature Madness every Sunday is the place for you. Come along for some fun mini war gaming and take on some of the Vault crew. We even have a few store demo armies for you to try out if you want to learn how to play.